New Chapter!

This month marks the start of an exciting new chapter! (and also the first post on here for almost two years!)

After over four 1/2 years of working for various digital marketing agencies based in the North West, I’ve decided to pack in my full-time job as the head of SEO for an agency based in Manchester and work for myself.

Working for myself is something that I have always wanted to do, and was something that I was extremely passionate about in my early teens however it’s something that I lost focus of after leaving high-school. Education wasn’t for me and having dropped out of 6th form and sequentially college, I made a swift move to find security with a regular income by joining my first agency in 2010.

I’m extremely thankful for having the opportunities which I have captured over the past 4 years, and working for the three agencies has given me many qualities that I wouldn’t succeed without today.

The past few years have certainly been a rollercoaster (with many highs at Webtise) however as of late, I feel surrounded in negativity whilst also reaching a stage where I’m not taking away any further skills or knowledge from working at an agency (that I couldn’t develop further by working for myself anyway).

I’m managed to land a-lot of opportunities to pursue over recent months, putting me in a great position today to finally make the leap back to what I have always wanted to ultimately do; work full-time for myself.

Outside of work, it’s been a really busy/crazy month too. I split up with my girlfriend of 4 years, became a godparent, and am due to move house later this month. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

Google Define:Peter

Don’t ask why, but I decided to define my own name within Google (as you do!). I was expecting the meaning to be related to a Greek God or something of a similar nature. Instead, according to Google, it apparently means “A man’s Penis”:


I’m going to be having words with the Mother and I’ll be planning a name change shortly.

When Did The Titanic Sink?

There’s alot of opportunity can be found within questions (and long phrases).

In June last year, I noticed a long phrase within the Adwords keyword tool with a high amount of monthly searches which had hardly any competition; “When Did The Titanic Sink”. As you can see below, the Adwords keyword tool currently details 49.5k exact match global monthly searches for the phrase.

Adwords Keyword Tool - When Did The Titanic Sink

I decided that I’d rank #1 for the term, mainly as a test to see if the Adwords keyword tool was correct about the volume.

I grabbed the exact match domain and within around 5 minutes, I threw together a quick one paged site. I then submitted the site to quite a few directories as-well as submitting a couple of blog comments and then waited for it to become indexed.

Slowly, within around 5 months, it became #1 within Google for the term which was bringing the site around 1,000 unique searches per month. Then April came this year.

When I created the site, I was unaware that in April this year it was 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking plus the month where the updated movie was being released. Due to the two events, the site in April pulled in around 90k unique visitors, 96.3% of the visits being from organic search.

I’m sure the site would have received many more visits that month if it wasn’t for the Penguin update. The first Penguin update devalued quite a few of the links which dropped the site to around position 4-5. Luckily, the Penguin update was released towards the end of the month, it would have sucked to miss out on all of the visits during the main peak for the anniversary & movie.

Since the drop, I’ve just left it, I’m not bothered about it getting back to #1. I’ve reached the goal of the site and I now just use the site as a test site.

Putting aside the obvious benefits that an FAQ section has for users, due to the success of this small site I realised just how much potential an FAQ section (and the alike content) can have to drive relevant traffic to a site too.

If you can create an FAQ section based around questions with high search volume for various questions related to your site, products or services, you could be onto a winner.

On another note, those 314 Facebook likes on are real. I’m still confused why anyone would like the site on Facebook.

I also realised the potential traffic misspellings can drive, to date, people have entered the site via 1500+ variations of the keyword “when did the titanic sink”. I’ve uploaded an export of the keyword data within Analytics so you can personally see:

Where the majority of my followers are from …

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, get following!), you may have noticed that I’ve got quite alot of followers. Over 33,000.

You may have also guessed that the majority aren’t natural. They’re bought, from Fiverr, from gigs like this:

Why? I’m not too sure. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The purchased followers for the most part, do appear to be real; they post status updates, they have avatars, they follow others etc. Also, when I first ordered the follower blast, I tweeted a few of the followers directly, asking them if they knew why they were following me. A few replied and they all said the same thing; they had no idea why they were (which is pretty worrying; have all the accounts been phished or are they following me from using a rogue Twitter app etc?).

Although the accounts appear to be real, I get absolutely no engagement from those followers and there’s a steady daily decrease from them:

They’re there purely for numbers sake.

I do kind of regret purchasing all of the followers; I’d love to be able to remove all of those followers to see how many real followers I now have.

Since purchasing the followers though, I’ve seen both a much higher engagement and a much higher following from real people. I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have anything near to the engagement and real followers which I have today if I didn’t have the purchased followers.

What’s my point?

People who are relevant to the audience which you’re targeting, follow you just because you have a high number of followers.

If you want to get noticed quickly, go ahead and buy followers although don’t do it to the scale I did, 30k+ purchased followers makes you look like a bit of a douche.

Domain back, new design, fresh start

For the past 3 months, I’ve been without a blog (I didn’t realise that you have to renew a at GoDaddy a month before it’s due to expire, it’s good to see that you can now register a for a minimum of a year now though; until a few months ago the registration length was a minimum of two years.).

I finally got the domain back today and decided to relaunch with a new design.

I think I was pretty lucky for the domain not to be backordered; it’s a pretty awesome, brandable 4 letter I was stupid not to pay the redemption fee really. My Twitter handle wouldn’t have made much sense without the domain (rownco)!

I’ve been working on the new design for a few weeks, an hour here and there. I was aiming for very minimalist, responsive design. I think I’ve achieved that. I’m not 100% sure on the yellow at the moment though so that may be changing over the next few days – ideas for a new hex would be appreciated. The way that the “Subscribe to my RSS” and “Follow me on Twitter” section resizes with the browser may need tweaking a little too, it’s not exactly how I want it to behave just yet.

To start fresh with the blog, I’ve decided to deleted all of the old posts too; they were pretty lame and boring.

Let me know what you think of the new design!

Excuse the blog not ranking for my name for a few months, I’ll be working on that.